6718 is a community driven response to the recommendations of the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Location Based Expenditure Review completed in 2014. The review looked at social and economic participation, and community services expenditure delivered in Roebourne and surrounding communities.

Members of the Roebourne community felt that the level of expenditure identified in the report was not evident in the service outcomes on the ground and that developing community-led combined services would improve these outcomes.

Currently, service provision in Roebourne is evidenced by complexity, duplication, frustration, cost, lack of coordination and poor progress measures – despite the earnest effort of many individuals and organisations. 6718 directly addresses the complexity and replaces it with interconnectedness, seeking to benchmark progress in well-defined areas of action over time.

6718 matches community-identified priorities with the best available evidence to plan how government-funded services can be reorientated to better respond to local needs and achieve better outcomes. The project will identify organisations and efforts in and around Roebourne that relate to the four priority areas for action: Housing & Planning; Education & Learning; Safety and Children & Families.


6718 aims to establish a solid community-specific data resource and project management team to deliver:

  • Aboriginal authority on strategic areas for action
  • Fact-based insights into Roebourne and its people
  • Fact-based insights into projects delivered in Roebourne
  • Local solutions collectives
  • Local responsibility and ownership
  • Clear accountability
  • Solid partnerships
  • A stable, repeatable, published, universally understood, politically robust scorecard of Roebourne’s health and well being.


The project is oversighted by Nyambili Nyambili Group, a Steering Committee of Roebourne Ngaarda Elders who with key stakeholders, oversee the Balagarni Working Groups.


A key aim of 6718 is to produce a stable, repeatable, published and easily understood scorecard of Roebourne’s health and well being. The scorecard will simultaneously focus attention on areas of unsatisfactory well being and highlight areas to celebrate where Roebourne is indeed ‘Closing the Gap’.

“There is currently a scatter-gun approach to spending, with fragmented service delivery, inadequate coordination and significant wasted effort”

key finding from Location Based Expenditure Review 2014.

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